Sunday, June 26, 2011

Good Company, Good Food and a New Chaperone

Alex Elms, Mario Miranda, Don Gosney, Brian Seegers & Julie Martien
Before heading to the City of Brotherly Love later this week the UPenn cohort gathered at Salute’s Ristorante in the Richmond Marina for a social gathering to meet our new UPenn chaperone.

Mario Miranda, history teacher extraordinaire at El Cerrito High School and five time ILC chaperone, has volunteered to fill a void and escort our legion of three to the UPenn Physics Academy and other points east.

To reinforce the nature of this social occasion the dress code was casual (although I dressed up by wearing long pants, a shirt without flowers on it and shoes that covered my toes).  I left my cameras in the car and we didn’t have any scheduled speakers.  We were there just to get to know each other a little better—our three students, their parents, Mario and me.

Oh, and we thought we’d throw in a nice meal and  few selections from the dessert tray.

Many thanks to Sandi Potter who just happened to have her handy dandy digital camera handy to snap a photo.

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